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Long Range Strategic Plan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 September 2010 21:38
The Strategic Plan has been carefully crafted to provide a "roadmap" for the JCCH over the next five years.  Its development was guided by the Strategic Planning Committee (with assistance from an outside consultant) and informed by input from JCCH congregants, many of whom participated in "salon" discussions and most of whom participated in an extensive quantitative survey. The issues identified through this process and the actions designed to address them will help the JCCH move forward to increasingly meet the social, educational and spiritual needs of our community. Since its completion, sub-committees have been formed and already are working towards effecting improvements in their respective areas. It is strongly believed that this process has represented a "best practice," within the Conservative Movement, and we're excited at the prospect of advancing ambitious Plan objectives and fulfilling a vision that, while lofty, is decidedly within our reach.  


You can download this in both PowerPoint or PDF form.

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