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Religious School


It is my hope that upon entering the doors of the JCCH , walking through the corridors of our school, observing children’s art work and projects on the walls, hearing songs and class discussions, everyone will have a sense of comfort, warmth and a feeling of belonging . Belonging to a community of friend’s, family and Jewish learners; A connection with our past, and a bridge to our future.  It is my mission that our families make a personal connection between Jewish knowledge, traditions, Jewish history and Torah and our Jewish lives today. It is my belief that there is not one way to learn, therefore, each person has a unique way of making a connection both personally and spiritually with our Jewish teachings and heritage. We aspire to offer these opportunities to our students of all ages through the study of our text, music, the arts, open ended discussion and the importance of hands-on learning experiences. Thus, every person, of all ages, may feel connected and be able to learn and grow.  The classroom experience focuses on Hebrew with an emphasis on Teffilah, Torah study, Jewish history, values and holiday celebrations. The extra curricular programs such as Jr. Congregation, school wide events and family workshops enhance our families’ connection with each other and our heritage.

We offer classes for Kindergaten and First grade every Sunday, 9:00-11:30 AM. Our 2nd-6th grade meet twice a week on Sunday, 9:00-11:30 AM and either Tuesday or Wednesday, 3:45-5:45PM. The 7th grade meets every Tuesday, 6:00-8:00PM with a pizza dinner and monthly to volanteer in the community on Sunday mornings. The 8th-10th graders meet on Tuesday, 6:15-8:00PM for a core class, electives, guest speakers and a pizza dinner.Rabbi Galzer meets wih our 11th and 12th graders for Jlot sevral times a year.

We are blessed with an outstanding and talented faculty, committed to teaching as well as learning. Our staff is constantly evolving in order to provide the best learning opportunities to inspire our families. The congregation is fortunate to have an active Board of Education that is devoted to the success of our children and their families. We welcome all families who appreciate the importance of Jewish education and want to share this experience with us.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 10:37

By Judy Weinberg: Although it is almost the end of January, the JCCH school has been busy on all levels. Regardless of the fact that it has been extremely cold, many families gathered at the beginning  of the month to participate in a warm Havdalah Service and fun activities focusing on our senses, all of which we use during the Havdalah Service. As the children used the saved Etrogim from Sukkot and filled them with cloves to create a spice box, parents chatted and caught up on the vacation fun.

Our 2nd - 4th Graders had a “first time ever” field trip to the Children’s Jewish Museum in Brooklyn. Our 5th and 6th graders will be going this month. Our students had fun walking in the footsteps of interactive displays of our patriarchs and matriarchs as well as exploring the land of Milk and Honey through games, art and hands-on fun. Kindergarten  and 1st graders were visited by Blue Box Bob, a JNF character in costume who shared the importance of the environment and trees in Israel in honor of Tu B’shvat.  The older students heard a guest speaker from JNF on Israels 21st century innovations.

On January 26th welcomed 7 other congregations with 4th and 5th graders as we hosted the Regional Zimriyah (Song Festival). All the schools mingled and created a Tu B’shvat Mitzvah project to help JNF in Israel.

Our 7th Graders were busy serving hot meals at a soup kitchen in New Rochelle and our high school teens made choices of electives that began last week.

We are all looking forward to Building Blocks Workshops  as we build the city of old Jerusalem, the Kotel, and much more on February 2nd with over 50,000 pieces of Lego and 200 parents and students. Even if you can’t come and build, stop by at 11:00AM that morning to see the final creation. Unfortunately,  the walls will come down at 11:30am as the display moves on to another synagogue.

Upcoming Events at the JCCH School

Saturday, February 1st- B’nai Mitzvah Learners’ Service at 11:00AM

Sunday, February 2nd-Building Jerusalem Workshop with 50,000 pieces of Lego. Registration required for Non-Hebrew School students.

Open School for Kindergarten and 1st Grade at 9:45 AM.

Prospective 4 year olds are invited to xperience the JCCH Hebrew School at 9:45 AM as well. (Registration required)

Saturday, February 8th –Family Shabbat Experience at 10:45AM

Sunday, February 9th -7th grade Mitzvah Project at Kids Kloset

Friday, February 28th- Family Shabbat Service and Dinner


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Hanukkah at the JCCH: Back to the Future PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 December 2013 11:45

By Judy Weinberg: This year for the first time we incorporated the Zimriyah song festival with a Hanukkah play performed by our 6th graders. Throughout the play songs are interwoven and sung by our Kindergarten to 6th graders.  The genesis of the creation of the play began with the 6th graders researching and listing all the important events and customs related to Hanukkah.

From their list a play was written which began in the present at the JCCH with children finding a magical dreidel which took them back in time. First they were taken back to the Temple after the Maccabees won the war for religious freedom and the miracle of the oil. The magical dreidel then took them to  the time of the Mishnah (30BCD -200AD) when the House of Hillel and the House of Shammai debated how to light the Hanukkah Menorah. Bet Shammai said:  On the first day one lights eight and from then on one continues to decrease, and Bet Hillel said: On the first day one lights one and from then on one continues to increase as did the miracle. To this day we do as Beit Hillel suggested. Now back to our play.

The students then traveled in time to America in the 1920’s where an American immigrant family was celebrating the holiday with gelt and fried foods in honor of the miracle of the oil. Traditions were learned from the “old country”.  A guest, a non-Jewish American neighbor, teaches the immigrant family the tradition of gift giving on Christmas which till this day influences American Jewry on Hanukkah.

Finally our play concluded with the things our students liked and were  grateful for in relation to  Hanukkah, such as: the oil lasting for 8 days, the latkes and donuts, the fact that Jews all around the world are celebrating the festival of lights, the fact that the holiday celebrates freedom of religion, the debate between  Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai , how  the Maccabees stood up for something they believed in and were  willing to fight for what they believe in even if the odds were against them, the importance of  giving to others,  knowing that miracles are still happening in the world and to the Jewish people and of course the presents. May we all continue to appreciate the good in our lives and the importance of little miracles happening each day.


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One Mitzvah leads to Another PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 December 2012 09:55

By Judy Weinberg: Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah-One Mitzvah leads to another. This past month at the JCCH teens and youth have been very busy performing various Mitzvot that fall under the category of Acts of Loving Kindness. Some were preplanned and have been on the calendar since the beginning of the year, some have been as a result of the horrible destruction of Hurricane Sandy. This year the JCCH is joining forces with various other synagogues and organizations for Mitzvah programs. J-Teen Leadership is collaborating with the JCCH and WestHab's Elm Street Youth Center in Yonkers to join forces in developing a relationship by planning a community day to include a community service program to commemorate Yom HaShoah and plant a garden at the center. Julia Goldstein, Jack Ifrah and Perri Mendelsohn are participating in this unique program which meets monthly for discussion, planning, creating and forging new bonds with other communities.

The Fall Midnight Run this year was a joint effort of the JCCH, Temple Emanu-el and KTI, therefore, each congregation was allocated a limited number of participants. Despite all the challenges the storm created, Cara Cahn, Sam Gilbert, Matthew Mendelsohn., Matt Rube, Zack Tenner and Ben Picket all helped with making the event happen.

On November 11th remembrance day of Kristallnacht, five of our 7thgraders- Joey Tenner Max Zalta, Jack Zalta, Lily Spitalny and Jack Sobel participated in a joint program with The Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center, Temple Emanu-el and Hebrew Institute of White Plains and heard first hand a story from a Holocaust survivor, Ruth Bachner. Following the lecture all participants walked to the Garden of Remembrance in White Plains for a service. Due to the destruction at the garden caused by Hurricane Sandy, the plans to clean up the garden were postponed. Max and Will Comora (4th and 2nd graders) shared their family experience of going to Temple Israel on Long Beach and helping remove damaged Torahs and clean out the synagogue which was terribly damaged by the storm.

Currently the JCCH Religious School is collecting items for the victims of the hurricane and the classes are sharing ways we can all pitch in to help. We are promoting all the opportunities for our teens to volunteer and help out in the Hurricane relief effort. When our students finally returned from the storm I shared a prayer I read which I believe represents so much of what we all are feeling.

We pray that those who suffer find comfort through their faith in You and through the loving kindness of those emergency workers and volunteers who have come to their aid.

We pray that those who have lost so much have the fortitude to rebuild their lives.

Let us seek out ways to help them build their tents anew and make of them, once again, havens of healing and hospitality.

May all who have been battered by this storm discover many hearts and hands open to them. None of us stands alone in times of trouble.

Baruch Atah, Hashem, magein Avraham v’ezrat Sarah. Blessed are You, Hashem, shield of Abraham, help of Sarah. Baruch Atah Hashem, ozer Yisrael b’guvrah: Blessed are You, Hashem. You are the Source of our strength.

May Hanukkah, the festival of lights enable us to take a deeper look within and appreciate even more all the light we have in our lives and the wisdom to share this light with others by doing all the Mitzvot we possibly can to enlighten them.

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What I learned at the Leadership Institute PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 August 2012 09:31

By Judy Weinberg:  At the end of June part of the two and a half year Leadership Institute initiative  in which I along with 30 educators from Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist congregations partake in, participated  for the second year in a two week seminar which was titled Lilmod U’le-lamed: Teaching, Learning and Change Leadership which took place at HUC. During the year we meet monthly at JTS. This is a joint program sponsored by UJA and created in partnership with JTS and HUC.  

This year’s summer seminar provided a variety of opportunities to explore our leadership role in both creating curriculum, innovation and building meaningful learning experiences. Part of this initiative has given birth to a re-imagine committee which consists of a diverse group of parents form our school that has met for eight times during last year to develop a new pilot at the JCCH. Our goal was to find new ways to enable our congregants opportunities to develop an even stronger sense of Kehilah - community and unity.  One of the new programs which will be piloted next year is the Family Shabbat Havurah.

A group of self-selected families who want to celebrate all the components of Shabbat together on a monthly ongoing basis, will form a havurah to create a scene of community and affiliation by celebrating, learning and praying together on Shabbat. The Havurah will meet on two Shabbat mornings, two Friday evenings and two Havdallah services during the year.   During each Shabbat experience there will be a Service, a text study component and a dining experience. This parent initiative, one of several are helping to shape this exciting endeavor. Stay tuned for additional pilot programs in the upcoming year. 
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