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High School

Speaking of the Torah, the sages said:

"Turn it and turn it, for everything is in it."

Avot 5:25

We want our high school students to see the Torah from different perspectives and to apply those perspectives to the problems and issues that they face in their own lives.

The High School meets once a week. It uses the mini-course approach. Each mini-course is five sessions so students are exposed to a wide variety of courses and teachers. The first part of the session begins with a lecture and is followed by a speaker. There is no homework. The session ends in May.

Listed below are examples of the mini-courses that have been taught:

- Understanding the cults and missionary movements in our society
- Making Jewish decisions about your body
- Ethical questions and Judaism
- American Jewish literature
- The Kings of Israel
- Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
- Community and responsibility
- From the Prophets to the Kings
- Great moral dilemmas
- Hebrew (elective)(Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)
- Israel's History
- Israel Today
- Jewish by choice
- Jewish literature
- Statement of principles of Conservative Judaism

ESSAY CONTEST : 14-19 Year olds PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 11:51

ESSAY CONTEST Biennial essay contest for teenagers. The winners receive scholarships for movement-sponsored trips and study programs in Israel including NATIV.
The 150th anniversary of the birth of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the modern Zionist movement
Specific questions and entry forms are posted as of December 1, 2009 at http://www.mercazusa.org/pdf/MERCAZ-WLCJ-Essay-Contest-2010.pdf .

Five scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $250  
 Applicants must be 14 - 19 years of age
 Applicants must be members of Conservative congregations
 Scholarships will apply to any Conservative movement-sponsored Israel programs (taking place from June 1, 2010)
December 1, 2009: Entry forms and questions are now posted on www.mercazusa.org, www.mercaz.ca, and www.wlcj.org  
March 1, 2010: Deadline for entries
December 10-15, 2010: Announcement of winners at the Women's League biennial convention (winners planning Israel travel prior to December 2010 will be notified privately by May 1st)
For More Information:  http://www.mercazusa.org/pdf/MERCAZ-WLCJ-Essay-Contest-2010.pdf
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