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Mitzvah Mavens
Natalie Alpert PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 March 2012 11:32
Natalie, daughter of Norman and Jane Alpert, is a 7th grade student at Rye Country Day School.  She is a diligent student who enjoys all subjects and has special talent for math and Spanish. Her love of school started at the JCCH pre- school where she developed numerous friendships which continue to this day.  It is a special treat that these friends will be with her to celebrate her becoming a bat mitzvah!  In addition to schoolwork, Natalie enjoys many sports. She is a member of several Rye Country Day sports teams, including the middle school field hockey, squash and lacrosse teams. Her 3 sisters, Caroline, Erin and Heidi, are very proud that she is following in their footsteps, especially with her impressive field hockey record!  Additionally, Natalie enjoys skiing and snowboarding.  Her brother Adam is happy to have a fellow snowboarder in the family!  Creatively, Natalie has played the flute in the school band and recently has started enjoying photography.  


Tripp Lake Camp has been Natalie's summer "home" for the last 4 years.  The special connection and wonderful friendships she has made there are very important to her and she is so happy that she can share the TLC bond with her sisters.   For 4 years Natalie has participated in UJA' s Dreidel Ball . Here she helps set up and serve a Chanukah meal for over 100 Jewish elderly in the Bronx. She enjoys mingling with the guests and helping to put smiles on their faces.  This year, Natalie started volunteering at the White Plains Salvation Army soup kitchen. For the holidays, Natalie and her family helped organize the food for a holiday dinner to be distributed to 400 families.  She and her family donated the turkeys to these families so that they could have a festive holiday meal. Additionally, Natalie adopted Super Bowl Sunday to prepare, serve and clean up a hot lunch at the same soup kitchen for over 40 needy people. These volunteer projects have helped Natalie understand the value of helping others a sense of the value of helping others in need and are memories she will not forget.   Natalie is a caring and thoughtful sister and friend.  She is the youngest of five siblings . We are all very proud of her as she reaches her Bat Mitzvah  Natalie would like to thank all of her teachers at JCCH for doing a wonderful job and preparing her for this special day.  Additionally, she would like to especially thank Rabbi Glazer and Cantor Singer for helping her reach this milestone.  
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January/February Mitzvah Mavens PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 09:08
Danielle Ruff: Danielle is a bright, creative and outgoing young woman with a wide range of interests.  She is a seventh-grade honor student at Louis M. Klein Middle School.  Danielle is a talented performer who loves singing, dancing, playing piano and acting.  She has appeared in numerous school and regional productions.  She enjoys playing soccer, softball and lacrosse, swimming, ice skating and gymnastics.  Danielle also loves spending time with her many wonderful friends or relaxing at home with her family.  She is a loving daughter and a devoted sister to her brothers Jordan and Tyler.  Her family is very proud of her. Danielle attends Tyler Hill Camp in Pennsylvania, where she has spent three wonderful summers and made many new friends. On a regular basis, Danielle has committed her time and energy as a volunteer for several charities.  Working in support of Acacia, an organization that promotes educational opportunities for children in remote African communities, she helped raise over $2,000 for the Loita Hills Academy in Kenya.  This money will provide for the primary school education of 30 children.  Closer to home, she has participated in various charity events, including Einstein’s Winter Carnival, which raises money to support research in women’s health and cancers.  Finally, and especially close to her heart, Danielle visits the Blythedale Children’s Hospital to entertain and sing with the children.  She is looking forward to her next visit in February. Danielle has been attending JCCH since pre-school.  As she works diligently to prepare for her Bat Mitzvah, she is looking forward to sharing her special day with her family and friends.  She would like to thank her teachers at JCCH and especially Cantor Singer and Rabbi Glazer for their patient teaching and support.   
January/February Mitzvah Mavens PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 09:05
Jack Bronsky: Jack, son of Jodi Cafritz and Mark Bronsky, will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah on January 14, 2012. The Cafritz/Bronsky Family have been members of the JCCH since 2000 and Jack started at the age of one and a half at the ECC Summer Camp. Jack attended the ECC preschool and has participated in the Hebrew School program to the present day. Jack is a seventh grade student at Rye Country Day School where his favorite academic pursuits are Mathematic, Spanish and Social Studies. He is a diligent and focused student who is appreciative of the education that he receives at RCDS. Jack has enjoyed participating in many sports activities and now focuses primarily on baseball, ice hockey and cross country. During the summer, Jack is an avid camper and has attended Camp Caribou in Maine for the past four years, the last three of which have been with his younger brother Mick. Jack puts a great deal of effort into his friendships and feels blessed to have made such great friends at school, at the JCCH and at camp. Jack's love of baseball and close friendships led him to choosing the Miracle League as his Mitzvah Project where he was able to work with some of his best friends and with children with all ranges of disabilities. Jack feels that this experience helped to heighten his level of compassion for others while making him more cognizant of his own gifts and privileges.  While preparation for the upcoming Bar Mitzvah has proven rigorous, Jack and his family have found the process to be deeply meaningful and instructive. Jack would like to thank Nancy Isaacs and Judy Weinberg for guiding his Jewish studies. He is also grateful to both Cantor Singer and Rabbi Glazer for their leadership and assistance throughout the process.  Jack is excited to share this experience with his family, friends and the JCCH community and with his favorite cheerleader, his younger brother Mick. 
January/February Mitzvah Mavens PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 09:02
Jack Ifrah: Jack is a seventh grader at Scarsdale Middle School. He is a dedicated student and enjoys playing sports such as tennis and basketball. He also enjoys playing the piano. He is an excellent skier and spends his summers traveling with his family and at Lake Greeley Camp in Pennsyl-vania. In honor of his Bar Mitzvah he has devoted his time to study and research the Holocaust. He has started to write about it in our “Scribe” newsletter monthly. He hopes to be able to share his knowledge about the Holocaust with his generation, and the generations to come, by organizing speakers to come to the JCCH and share their memories and stories with the Congregation. He has shown a tremendous amount of responsibility and maturity throughout this project. Jack loves to help others and has been involved for many years with The Children’s Hope Chest organization. He is a great brother to his sister Veronica, and his brothers Olivier and Marc. He will continue his Jewish studies at the JCCH. His parents Carla and Philippe are proud and happy to share this special Shabbat Shira and Simcha with family, friends and the JCCH community.
Jared Ellis PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 March 2012 11:29

Jared is a seventh grade honor roll student at the Windward School, where he is on the soccer and basketball teams. Having attended the JCCH since pre-school, he has kept many of his friendships from the Early Childhood Center.


Jared's passions include soccer, football and tennis. He also enjoys playing Chess. As a member of the Harrison Dominators, he has played travel soccer for the past five years and is planning on becoming a soccer referee this spring. Although he is comfortable in many positions on the soccer field, his favorite is forward. He is an avid sports fan as well, and roots enthusiastically for all his favorite teams.  Jared's summers are spent in the Adirondacks at Camp Southwoods. There his favorite activities are Boogie Boarding, soccer and navigating the ropes course.    As his Mitzvah Project, Jared has volunteered by playing sports with developmentally disabled children. He plans on continuing with this even after he becomes a Bar Mitzvah.   As the fourth child in our family to become a B’nai Mitzvah at the JCC of Harrison, Jared looks forward to sharing this special milestone with his family and friends.  He’d like to thank Rabbi Glazer, Cantor Singer, Judy Weinberg (and all his religious school teachers) and especially Amichai Margolis, for helping him prepare for this special day.
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January/February Mitzvah Mavens PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 09:07
 Amanda Levi:  Amanda is looking forward to becoming a Bat Mitzvah on January 7, 2012. Sharing this milestone with all her family and friends, from near and far, is exciting. Beginning her Jewish education at the early childhood center of the JCCH, Amanda continues her secular studies and Jewish values at Solomon Schechter where she is currently a seventh grader. Amanda is a bright, conscientious student who takes her responsibilities and challenges seriously. Two hundred percent effort goes into whatever she   does while aiming towards excellence. Extraordinarily caring, compassionate and loving, Amanda is treasured by her parents, sister, grandparents, and friends.  Amanda is an accomplished horseback rider who has participated in local horse shows and camps. She thoroughly enjoys learning about horses, caring for them, and bringing them treats. Her dream is to one day have a horse of her own. Amanda also loves her dog, Bailey, whom she cares for on a daily basis. Anywhere Amanda goes, she befriends animals and their owners. Passionate and curious about all living things, Amanda seeks knowledge about any creature by reading books, using the internet, and the watching the animal channel. She will happily share her knowledge with anyone who will listen. Amanda has always loved the water, whether it is in a pool or the ocean. Activities in or on the water can keep Amanda engaged endlessly. Recent summers have been spent at Camp Ramaquois where she has enjoyed the outdoors and has found great friends. Amanda actively participates in the spirit of camp, the water activities, BBK, rock climbing, zip lines, and arts and crafts. She received an award for “most enthusiastic” in the senior camp Snaps Competition. Additionally, during the winter months, Amanda enjoys skiing and sledding in the snow. Amanda would like to thank Rabbi Glazer and Cantor Singer for studying with her as she prepared to become a Bat Mitzvah, and for making this special day possible. Her years at Solomon Schechter have provided a solid foundation for Jewish education and appreciation which was evident as she comfortably engaged in her Bat Mitzvah studies. 
January/Februay Mitzvah Mavens PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 09:04
Daniel Baker:  Daniel is a loyal and caring young man who cares deeply about family and friends, and is looking forward to becoming a Bar Mitzvah on February 11th. Daniel is a seventh grade honor student at the Louis M. Klein Middle School.  While a dedicated hard working student, Daniel also has a keen interest in sports, particularly basketball and baseball. He has enjoyed representing Harrison on many different teams, including the seventh grade LMK basketball team.  When not playing ball or hanging out with friends and family during the school year, Daniel enjoys spending his summers at Brookwood Camps. Daniel is looking forward to celebrating his Bar Mitzvah with all of his friends and family!  For his mitzvah project, Daniel worked as a buddy for the Miracle League of Westchester, an organization that teaches children with special needs how to play baseball.  Daniel connected with many of the participants and learned as much from these kids as they learned from him.Daniel is a wonderful big brother to Matthew and is crazy about his three dogs.  He has been working diligently to prepare for this special day and is very thankful to Cantor Singer, rabbinical intern Eric Woodward, Rabbi Glazer and all of the JCCH staff for their guidance and support.   Daniel also wishes to thank his family for all their encouragement during the months of preparation, and looks forward to sharing his special day with his family and friends.
Devan Schwartz: PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 November 2011 12:17

Devan, daughter of Ivy and Marc, will be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah on November 26th. She has attended school at the JCCH since she was 2 years old. Devan is currently an 8th grade student at Solomon Schechter Middle School where she is on the tennis team and in glee club.  She enjoys being with her friends and her dog Mickey. 

She looks forward every year to returning to Camp Ramah in the Poconos.  Devan loves to bake and as one her mitzvah projects she bakes for the people who stay at Gilda's House in White Plains. During her trip to Israel last year, Devan visited the Israeli Guide Dog Center for the Blind.  At that time she decided as another one of her mitzvah projects  to raise money to train guide dogs by selling bracelets.  

Devan wants to thank Rabbi Glazer and Cantor Singer for all their help in preparing her for her Bat Mitzvah.  She is excited to celebrate with her parents, her brothers Jared and Logan, family, friends and the entire JCCH community during her Havdallah service.

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